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Revitalizing Admiral - The Story So Far

Revitalizing Admiral - The Story So Far

Since the change of ownership and the migration of the brand from Switzerland back to the UK in January, many things have been happening at Admiral (albeit, not all in the public eye).

Owning such an iconic British brand bears huge responsibility as much as it is exciting – we are determined to do it justice and we are relentless in our efforts to do so.

The logical step to move anything forward is to look at where it came from and that’s exactly what we did – our research. The findings have been varied, from the humble beginnings in Leicester to the ground-breaking Leeds United deal that triggered the beginnings of the replica shirt market. Ticker-taping, the chevron, sock-ties, the away shirt, oversized collars and visibly branded football shirts - Admiral can lay claim to them all.

Something else we uncovered is that Admiral has a loyal and astute following, most remembering Admiral from the 70’s when it conquered both the UK and US football markets, having made kits for Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton FC, West Ham United, Leicester City, England and almost every team that formed the original NASL.

This gives the brand a certain advantage - we think - that it resonates wistfully in the minds of what must now be the generation that makes the big decisions. It also presents the brand with a challenge – how do we engage with the youth of today? Simple - with the same pioneering spirit and boldness that captivated an entire generation, of course.

So with a strong global following, nearly a century of heritage and a fresh start how do we line-up? Well, things have changed, which necessitates that the brand must too, but most definitely not for the sake of change.

Change involves patience, and it takes patience to ensure every button, zip, pocket, placket and more is thought though thoroughly and developed to the highest standard, without sacrificing 97 years of brand DNA in the process.

Admiral’s DNA is first and foremost British and that’s an intrinsic design characteristic in anything we have put to paper so far. It’s also the brand’s heritage of which it has much to draw from - and lastly, but not least, it’s innovation - evolving and adapting to keep ahead of the curve.

We aren’t quite ready to show the changes, but having now just passed the 6 month stage, we have our first retail accounts on board, whom we are working closely with and we are also enjoying interest from all over Europe, with opportunities to license the brand in North Africa and the Middle East too.

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